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John is a dirty little man…

Wellllllll… started pulling apart this grinder yesterday and lets just say that coffee is oily and stickey… so there is some pretty well constituted gunk built up in this puppy… 




Apart from a pretty huge build up, it looks to be in pretty sweet condition… im pretty confidant that it will clean up fine 😉

here the innards out, very tidy:


so further cleaning to follow… 


And this is John, a Gino Rossi RR45

So until i was lucky enough to get my hands on a mazzer for the grinding of my coffee… i was serviced my this guy…

IMG_4928 IMG_4929

as you can probably see, this old chap has had a hard life… Ill post some pics of his innards, which i suspect will tell a story of neglect and abuse over his lengthy life…

all in all i dont expect he will be beyond repair in any way, and i think he will look great in black…

My Mazzer all finished

Having sprayed this puppy… it was fine time to reassemble and get it into my kitchen!

New Burrs arrived


Given the state of the grinder, i wouldnt really be surprised if the burrs had ever been changed. 


They might not look all that bad in the photo, but you could pretty happily lick them without worrying about cutting your tongue 😉 

Anyway, new burrs in, doser back on and all ready to go home 😀


I have spent a fair while trying to get used to the new grinder. Its probably just that im used to my old one so much that its going to take some time. i cant complain too much thought, this was the third shot i pulled…


Its certainly not perfect, but i have paid good money for worse 😉

First grinder restoration, Enoch … a quick paint job…

so i picked up a Mazzer Super Jolly that was pretty well shagged… pulled it apart to find its innards in excellent condition (aside form the burrs) and decided to give it some cosmetic work…

image (6)image (8)

You can see some pretty hefty chipping on the grinder, particularly around the bottom. So in some areas i had to sand it right back to the metal.

image (10)

image (9)

A coat of primer filler…

image (11)

and as per the instructions, 3 coats of top coat within an hour…

image (13) image (14)image (15)

Pretty happy with my new saturn black mazzer… more pics to come when i have reassembled it