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More Burnt Offerings

As i have alluded to before, whipping out the blowtorch is a great way of dealing with cracked stock (or stock that unexpectedly cracks after i turn it). As a bit of a side note, many of the pieces i make crack because they are cut from a single branch (because i like working with timber from scratch and cant handle big tree trunks).


Well lets just say that i went to town with the blowtorch on this one, leaving the inside looking a bit like what i imagine a teeny meteor would do to a tree trunk… :


This one also throws a pretty swanky light up the wall


check out more here


The big saw makeover

So with much thanks to the YouTube community, i decided to undertake the ‘restoration’ of this saw… without any of the proper tools or experience…

check out this guy (old sneelock) if your thinking of tackling this:

and this guy:


Onward to cleaning… basically, strip and sand it:


next, sharpen that puppy… with a file…


then set it. So this means offsetting the teeth so that the cut will clear the blade. There is a special tool for this that dont have, but im pretty sure i should buy one!


And… Victory

the above shot also shows the stock that i will be turning into several pieces…. its cracking up fairly evenly, so i’m hoping to make some nice distressed lamps…

Big logs need big saws

So I have recently picked up some big logs… not huge, about the maximum that my lothe can handle, which is far bigger than my drop saw can handle

So I decided to go all lumberjack and get myself a good old crosscut saw…

It clearly needs some love, and I clearly need another hobby… so before I get to work cleaning it up, here’s the test run

It think perhaps we shall call her Mary…

Alice’s big spray

So, It turns out that the ‘bottom panels’ on the Cimbali m30 Bistro are not really panels… they are a significant part of the frame… So, time to rip the machine out and get it to the workshop for a new coat of paint


You can see the top panels that i have sprayed already. Time to get her all set…


And thats what she looks like with the main covers off. Generally in pretty sweet condition given her age. you can see the pressure relief valve (on top at the back of the boiler) is a lot newer looking, this failed not long after i brought the machine but replacing it was a breeze!


Lets face it, getting this ready to spray was a bit of a pain. 

IMG_4888 IMG_4892

once i was going though spraying went well… Easy Peasie 😉

Left her to dry overnight

and here she is with the finished Mazzer in the background


Pretty happy with the result, only thing left is to decide if i should leave the stickers on the front or not…