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Alice’s big spray

So, It turns out that the ‘bottom panels’ on the Cimbali m30 Bistro are not really panels… they are a significant part of the frame… So, time to rip the machine out and get it to the workshop for a new coat of paint


You can see the top panels that i have sprayed already. Time to get her all set…


And thats what she looks like with the main covers off. Generally in pretty sweet condition given her age. you can see the pressure relief valve (on top at the back of the boiler) is a lot newer looking, this failed not long after i brought the machine but replacing it was a breeze!


Lets face it, getting this ready to spray was a bit of a pain. 

IMG_4888 IMG_4892

once i was going though spraying went well… Easy Peasie 😉

Left her to dry overnight

and here she is with the finished Mazzer in the background


Pretty happy with the result, only thing left is to decide if i should leave the stickers on the front or not…

First grinder restoration, Enoch … a quick paint job…

so i picked up a Mazzer Super Jolly that was pretty well shagged… pulled it apart to find its innards in excellent condition (aside form the burrs) and decided to give it some cosmetic work…

image (6)image (8)

You can see some pretty hefty chipping on the grinder, particularly around the bottom. So in some areas i had to sand it right back to the metal.

image (10)

image (9)

A coat of primer filler…

image (11)

and as per the instructions, 3 coats of top coat within an hour…

image (13) image (14)image (15)

Pretty happy with my new saturn black mazzer… more pics to come when i have reassembled it

Alice and her steam knob…

As expected, Alice was tonight kitted out with a new steam knob, noticeable larger than the standard model… Freshly oiled in these pics, it won’t be so shiny in the long run… Now all she needs is a coat of paint…

In oiling these kids in this stuff called kitchen oil… Sounds appropriate, but the real reason was that it’s mostly tung oil (probably, they don’t really specify on the label). From some reading, tung oil I the way to go!



Alice’s knob… So to speak


Make a new power knob today… I’m sure it will look a lot better after she gets a coat of paint 😉

I’m making all these out of some Tasmanian melaleuca, aka tee tree, that we were actually give when a friend cut a tree out if his yard… You can see it on the lathe about half way through roughing out…
It’s a pretty scrappy bit if timber, actually an off cut, so the quality of the finished knob is a bit low, some very fine cracking, but I don’t think it will come under too heavy scrutiny at my place… Being taken from the trunk, this section seems to lack the nice black striping that some if the smaller limbs sport… Sad but true…

Next is the steam knob I think