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The big saw makeover

So with much thanks to the YouTube community, i decided to undertake the ‘restoration’ of this saw… without any of the proper tools or experience…

check out this guy (old sneelock) if your thinking of tackling this:

and this guy:


Onward to cleaning… basically, strip and sand it:


next, sharpen that puppy… with a file…


then set it. So this means offsetting the teeth so that the cut will clear the blade. There is a special tool for this that dont have, but im pretty sure i should buy one!


And… Victory

the above shot also shows the stock that i will be turning into several pieces…. its cracking up fairly evenly, so i’m hoping to make some nice distressed lamps…

Big logs need big saws

So I have recently picked up some big logs… not huge, about the maximum that my lothe can handle, which is far bigger than my drop saw can handle

So I decided to go all lumberjack and get myself a good old crosscut saw…

It clearly needs some love, and I clearly need another hobby… so before I get to work cleaning it up, here’s the test run

It think perhaps we shall call her Mary…

On another note… A dice cup

So i have been waiting to find some good stock to make a dice cup from… Generally i dont buy timber to use on the lathe because, well, im not really very good… So i use timber that i have laying around. This means that, generally, the timber im using in the lathe is pretty sub par. this piece is no exception. It does mean, however, that this little cup has some pretty crazy features in the wood…

I made a little stop motion of the process:

you might notice that at one stage i take the piece off the lathe and then put it back on… at that point i took it off the face plate and microwave dried it… if your into lathing and you haven’t tried this, its really easy and pretty effective!

heres the finished product

IMG_5063 IMG_5064

Lunchtime testing

Popped home yesterday to try out the new gear with some fresh beans… having been on the road a bit lately, the bean supply was getting on a bit…

good results all round, and a well buzzed afternoon… a few pics of the results:



Still not the best that i have made, but itll take a little while to get used to the new grinder…

Just as a side note, the Portafilter im using is the standard one that comes with the LaCimbali (57mm) and i have converted it to a naked filter (with a holesaw). this functions perfectly… but you do still get the cut brass edge instead of a nice chromed finish like you would if you brought a pro version…

Im also using a triple basket here… probably one of my non standard bits of kit… 

John is a dirty little man…

Wellllllll… started pulling apart this grinder yesterday and lets just say that coffee is oily and stickey… so there is some pretty well constituted gunk built up in this puppy… 




Apart from a pretty huge build up, it looks to be in pretty sweet condition… im pretty confidant that it will clean up fine 😉

here the innards out, very tidy:


so further cleaning to follow… 


And this is John, a Gino Rossi RR45

So until i was lucky enough to get my hands on a mazzer for the grinding of my coffee… i was serviced my this guy…

IMG_4928 IMG_4929

as you can probably see, this old chap has had a hard life… Ill post some pics of his innards, which i suspect will tell a story of neglect and abuse over his lengthy life…

all in all i dont expect he will be beyond repair in any way, and i think he will look great in black…

Meet Lucy, Faema E98 Compact

Yes, i have done it… i have brought a new machine… I have done this, however, not with the intention of replacing my current machine but with the sole purpose of showing it some love and selling it on… 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lucy… A Faema E98 Compact (im pretty sure)

IMG_4927 IMG_4926

So over the next few weeks ill pull this one apart and see what sort of condition we have on the inside but at the moment it is running very happily. A new coat of paint does seem to be in order… im not even sure that the red is original actually, i suspect that its not 😉

My Mazzer all finished

Having sprayed this puppy… it was fine time to reassemble and get it into my kitchen!

New Burrs arrived


Given the state of the grinder, i wouldnt really be surprised if the burrs had ever been changed. 


They might not look all that bad in the photo, but you could pretty happily lick them without worrying about cutting your tongue 😉 

Anyway, new burrs in, doser back on and all ready to go home 😀


I have spent a fair while trying to get used to the new grinder. Its probably just that im used to my old one so much that its going to take some time. i cant complain too much thought, this was the third shot i pulled…


Its certainly not perfect, but i have paid good money for worse 😉