Alice’s big spray

So, It turns out that the ‘bottom panels’ on the Cimbali m30 Bistro are not really panels… they are a significant part of the frame… So, time to rip the machine out and get it to the workshop for a new coat of paint


You can see the top panels that i have sprayed already. Time to get her all set…


And thats what she looks like with the main covers off. Generally in pretty sweet condition given her age. you can see the pressure relief valve (on top at the back of the boiler) is a lot newer looking, this failed not long after i brought the machine but replacing it was a breeze!


Lets face it, getting this ready to spray was a bit of a pain. 

IMG_4888 IMG_4892

once i was going though spraying went well… Easy Peasie 😉

Left her to dry overnight

and here she is with the finished Mazzer in the background


Pretty happy with the result, only thing left is to decide if i should leave the stickers on the front or not…

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